The Faculty of Management – Bachelor Degree, University of Economic Studies Bucharest – 2008
Bachelor of Laws- LLB, Romanian-American University – 2010

Romanian, English and Spanish

Marina Dumitrescu


Marina’s activity is focused on finding solutions for any situation a company deals with during its day-to-day business, being the legal ally to go to in matters of corporate, business, mergers and acquisitions and real estate.

She has graduated the Bucharest Law School and Business Management at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. She has been practicing law since 2011, when she became a member of the Bucharest Bar. Marina is also initiated in common law, taking a course in contract law with Harvard University. She acquired international experience during the collaboration with a law firm headquartered in Ljubljana, Slovenia, providing services throughout the Balkan area.

Her passion for teaching others has made her a certified trainer, conducting workshops and seminars mainly for clients.

1. Negotiating credit facilities of more than $8,000,000 from foreign banks;

2. Legal assistance in selling the goodwill of telecommunication companies;

3. Legal assistance in purchasing telecommunication companies in deals exceeding € 6,000,000;

4. Legal assistance for participating in the bid for the purchase of PRO FM radio station;

5. Legal assistance for the purchase of an outdoor advertising company in a deal exceeding € 2,000,000;

6. Legal assistance for a real estate project with a value exceeding € 5,000,000 which implied the restoration of a historic villa and the construction of an office building;

7. Legal assistance for a real estate project for the construction of a hotel, starting with the land purchase phase and until the finalization of the building, with a value exceeding € 4,000,000;

8. Legal assistance for the acquisition of real estate project, including the due diligence phase, with a value exceeding € 20,000,000;

9. Legal assistance in the division of a power engineering company with transferred assets exceeding € 2,000,000;

10. Legal assistance in incorporating and licencing of two non-banking financial institutions, one with Romanian capital and one with foreign capital.