About us

Nicolescu Dumitrescu Ilie & Asociații (NDI) is a dynamic law firm established in 2018 by Andrei Nicolescu, Bogdan Ilie and Marina Dumitrescu and formerly known as Andrew ID. Presently, NDI benefits from the contribution of a total number of 10 attorneys highly specialized in various business-related law areas.
We practice Business Law within NewLaw philosophy. NewLaw is a fresh approach to the practice of law that means business understanding, flexible pricing and profound communication. We are in the business of law to add value to other businesses, simply put.

At present, NDI is a Romanian law firm specialized in business law in the broadest sense, covering most major commercial and industrial activities on the Romanian market, namely: corporate affairs, competition, real estate, energy, public procurement and construction, employment, sports’ law and fiscal and white collar crime. Also in the core business focus, NDI assists its clients in litigation and bankruptcy, including arbitrator and mediator services.

The merged team has been representing international and domestic clients and global corporations in many significant Romanian projects, while also serving many small and medium-sized establishments. NDI selects its clients carefully and strives to ensure them the best benefit of its experience and know how.

Our pledge is to offer meaningful legal services with business acumen, reasonably priced.

New Law – The game remains the same, only the results change

Further to the New Law concept promoted by AndrewID, NDI aims:

To use deliverable-centered and outcome-driven fee structures ensuring our partners’ predictability over the overall costs engaged by each project;

At understanding to the extent of mastering the activity fields of our partners;

To take on the legal project management role within joint teams set up in collaboration with the partner companies;

To support young entrepreneurs in their endeavours to set up and develop local businesses.