The Faculty of Business Administration – Bachelor Degree, University of Economic Studies Bucharest – 2007
Bachelor of Laws- LLB, University of Bucharest – 2008
LLM European Law, University of Bucharest – 2009

Romanian and English

Adriana Stanciu


Adriana has more than 9 years of experience in the legal area, her expertise covering areas such as litigations, public procurement, civil engineering and IT.

Adriana has assisted a large number of companies, national and multinational, in complex litigations, insolvencies, administrative claims, as well as in public procurement procedures.

Also, Adriana has provided legal assistance on a current basis for one of the largest IT companies acting in the software development and website hosting domains. As in-house lawyer, Adriana actively worked on drafting, revising and negotiating the contracts and solving the disputes deriving from performing the contracts concluded with clients or suppliers. Adriana provided legal assistance in employment related matters, proposing and assisting to the implementation of various procedures in the employer – employee relationship. She brought a significant contribution to the GDPR complying process of the company, by organizing employees’ trainings and preparing the mandatory procedures and documentation in personal data protection.

During her recent activity, Adriana focused on the energy and civil engineering fields, providing legal assistance for one of Romania’s most important EPC contractors covering the entire energy chain – from energy generation to transmission, distribution and supply. Adriana assisted the company in the analisys and negotiation process of the contracts necessary for carrying out the civil engineering, energy transmission, distribution and supply activity, recommending optimal contractual terms. Adriana was involved in various high-profile thermoelectric and hydropower projects, which required complex analysis of the contracts and of the relevant legislation and identifying optimal solutions in several litigious situations.